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We all know the expression “ a stitch in time saves nine”

This is of course true for bicycle servicing. We’d hope that you’d be aware that a worn chain WILL be chewing away on your cassette, so better to have a new chain now, to avoid replacing clapped out cassette, derailleur, chainwheel down the line.

Replacing brake & gear cables that are nearing the end of their lifetime, will restore smooth gear changes & braking & more importantly avoid sudden failure when you’re cycling to work or enjoying a spin out in the styx.
 . . . . . . see below . . .  polymer coated cable after 12 months . . . that wasn't giving smooth operation!

Why you need to change your gear & brake cables

LISTEN TO IT! Your bike is trying to tell you something!
Is it squeaking like a mouse?
Is it rattling like a snake?
Is it whistling like a bird?
Is it clicking like a cricket?
If your bike is any of the above animals, then something is wrong & needs fixing soon
Is it not going as fast as it used to?
Is it going faster than I want it to? (downhill)
Is it harder to get up to speed?
Are the brakes or gear shifters not as smooth as they used to be?
. . . . time for a service
This is NOT rocket science, but it IS pocket science - best to sort it now - it may cost you more later.

If you're taking part in a sponsored event, a race or off on a holiday where you'll be using your bike, then it makes sense to have it checked & serviced to avoid disappointing breakdowns. A smooth running machine will help to win that race, or make your touring more enjoyable.

Some cyclists do have the time & mechanical aptitude to enjoy doing their own servicing & repairs. If you don’t have the time & skills then your established local bike shop is the place to go.

Check out how long the shop has been in business, to get a measure of their quality of service. Customers don’t keep coming back if they don’t get efficient service & honest advice.

MK Cycles has been serving cyclists in the Bolton area for over 40 years, so we will be happy to book in your bike for service or repair. tel:01204 412 762

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